Pioneering Innovation and Unleashing Creative Brilliance

Since 2006, EquityPlus has been the pioneer of advertising innovation and has transformed businesses across the UAE with a powerful blend of strategic thinking and creative ideas. Seventeen years in the industry was a challenging endeavor, but that challenge made us who we are. We have served clients from multiple categories, associated with 100+ brands, built strong relationships with all the media houses, and so on.

17 years +

Visionary Ingenuity, Strategic Mastery, and Invariable Dedication

Our sole aim is to enable our clients to reach the pinnacle of success by applying the most effective ways for them – always. No compromise over quality and more emphasis on creativity. Thus we created a strong presence in media buying, event conceptualization, and execution. Equity Plus trademarks its excellence in talent, creativity, cutting-edge technology, and groundbreaking innovation. Our team provides perfect digital marketing solutions, expert public relations, and diverse specialized communications services that enhance your brand to reach new heights.


An industry-recognized leader


Empowering Leadership that Ignites Limitless Possibilities

Mr. Juby Kuruvilla is an advertising mastermind who has 25 years of outstanding experience in the UAE’s lively advertising and marketing sector. He has used his limitless creativity to spark remarkable business transformations throughout the country. His visionary brand network, Equityplus, has risen to incomparable heights, attaining unrivaled success. His skilled team adeptly handles media, marketing, promotion, events, production, and business development, delivering impressive results and navigating the dynamic landscape of the UAE market.